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What I Wish I Learned in College

| October 08, 2020

What I wish I would’ve known as a freshman in college…


  • Don’t feel like you have to spend money as your roommates do

When you get to college, you will meet many different people, including people who like to spend money and people who don’t. At first, I had a hard time telling people no when they would invite you to go out to eat. Even though eating out always seems like a great idea, it’s not for your bank account. Try to limit yourself from eating out every week and instead cook at home or eat with the meal plan you have at the dining halls.

  • Set up a budget

Setting up a budget once you get to college is essential to keep your finances in check. You’ll find out how quickly money goes away when you pay for rent, utilities, and food.

  • Buying the cheapest of alcohol

With college... sometimes comes drinking (assuming you’re of legal age). You will figure out that the more expensive alcohol has the same effect on you as the cheapest of alcohol. Buying the most inexpensive drinks every time could save you hundreds of dollars by the time you have graduated that you could use on other things.

Not Financially

  • Clubs/Sports

Being more active around campus and joining clubs or intramurals is a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills. During my time as a college student, some of the more fun times I had were competing for intramural championships with my friends. If sports aren’t your thing, joining a club around your major is another excellent way to meet people. Most of the clubs have fun opportunities to travel to many different places around the United States and foreign countries.

  • Study

The priority for the day for you should be getting all your homework and studying done. But you don’t always have to be stressing out over school; you need to save time for things you enjoy doing.