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Guest Post-So you are going to College

| July 02, 2020

As the class of 2020 makes the transition to college, many things will come unexpectedly. Hopefully, at the end of this article, students will have a better understanding of things they should expect form the upcoming year. For starters, students will probably feel a greater sense of freedom. Not having your parents monitoring your activities, schedule, and having your place to live is a big reason for the sense of freedom. Another reason students will feel more freedom is because they will have more free time. It is essential to use this free time studying but also making new friends and broadening your horizons, which is a huge part of college. Now you are surrounded by new people from all different types of backgrounds and walks of life. It is crucial not only to connect with others but also to build relationships so that you have a better understanding of different cultures, which will help you grow as a person. Another way that will help you grow as a person is by taking more challenging classes. Tough classes will push you to work harder and challenge your limits. These classes will also prepare you for higher-level courses in the future and the workforce.
When students arrive at college and realize the amount of freedom they have, it's imperative that students make the absolute most out of the time spent in college. Most importantly, you're there to get an education, so don't skip class. Skipping one class can quickly turn into a habit of missing classes and not being there to learn valuable information that could be helpful when going to study. Studying is a great way to prepare yourself for tests and stay organized. Organize your time to study for more challenging classes. Time management is an excellent study habit to get used to and something that you will use and utilize throughout college. Make time to study and take care of personal needs, and leave time so you can go out and socialize. Although going to class and studying is essential, don't forget to go out and have fun. Get involved around campus by joining clubs, playing intramurals, or joining Greek organizations. By getting involved, you will meet new people and build relationships that will last outside of college.
It is also important to remember that with the current state of COVID-19, things could look a little different this fall. With many universities already moving up start dates and ending the semester early, it is a good possibility that we will see many more universities follow this course of action. Universities and colleges may also require masks everywhere on campus, and mandate fever checks before entering residence halls and dining centers. It is also very likely that colleges will make all activities and classes half capacity and enforce that all students are at least 6 feet apart while inside a class. With an expected second wave hitting sometime during the holiday season, there is a good chance that some of the school year will be online. Though we are not sure how things will change in the next few months, these are a few things that you can prepare yourself for in the upcoming school year. With all this being said, college is where students grow as a person and academically. Everyone is facing the same challenges. You can use it as an excuse to be lazy or use it as a tool to set yourself ahead and work hard. I hope you choose the latter. So, I challenge you to look at it as an investment in yourself and your future, because at the end of the day you don't want to spend 20,000 to 30,000 dollars a year and not try to achieve as much as you can.


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