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So You are Going to be A Dad

| August 06, 2020
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Kevin and Brianna are having a BOY!!!!

Here is some advice for first-time parents!

Don't Find out the Sex
You broke my first rule and found out you were having a boy. People are going to buy you stuff, and financially, it doesn't make sense to find out. At a Baby Shower or just random gifts from friends, people love to buy things for kids. If its a surprise, they get you more practical things like diapers; when they know the sex, you tend to get more clothing.(which you will likely get via hand-me-downs later anyway) We will look past this one, but speaking of diapers...

When you see the numbers of diapers in the baby room (yes even though they know its a boy, you will still get plenty of diapers), you will think, "We have enough diapers to last through all of our future kids." Everyone thinks that, but you will be dead wrong. You will be amazed at the number of diapers you will go through in your first six weeks. Be Prepared. Speaking of the first six weeks...

First Six Weeks
Just try to survive. It is the best time of your life, I promise. Kids are amazing, and you will find a love that you didn't know you had. However, the first month and a half are long and hard. Lack of sleep, bad eating habits, weird work schedule, interrupted workouts, smells and sounds you didn't know existed, and baby cries that you will try anything to stop, but at times there isn't an answer. The first cry in the hospital is one of the best sounds you will ever hear, the 30th cry in the middle of a Tuesday night is one of the worst. Speaking of that Tuesday night cry...

Admit Defeat When you are Down and Take the Baton when necessary.
I remember the night like it was yesterday. In Corbin's room at 4 am, Heather was finally getting some good sleep, and I couldn't do anything to keep him from crying. Nothing was working. My knees on the ground, my forehead on the crib post, and my hand rubbing his back. After what seemed like forever, I gave up and had to wake up Heather. There will be moments when you have to give up, but more importantly, pay attention to when Brianna needs a scramble partner to pick her up. She will be a champ but will need times for you to take over, be ready in those times. Speaking of a scramble partner...

Your Golf Game
Your golf game might struggle, BUT it doesn't have to. You won't want to play the number of golf rounds you have played in the last few years, but it doesn't mean you can't play golf. You will need to spend 30 minutes at the range, play a few holes, and do things you want. Make sure also you let her do the things she wants to do. Don't worry; baby carriers do fit well in golf carts, and while they may not be able to give you any reads, they won't complain about your 4ft missed putts either. Speaking of Reads...

Read to them OFTEN and then some.
You will never be able to read too much to a kid. Take time every night to read to them and tell them stories. Find a book they like and read it to him often. As they age, if they want a book, buy it for them. Let them build their library of information and foster a love to learn. Speaking of Love...

Love Him
Tell him and show him the power of love by saying "I Love You" every chance you get. While he may not understand the words, I promise he will know the meaning. He may shrug it off as he ages, but he wants to hear it. Please don't write it on his golf ball, but make sure he knows. Love is a bottomless pool of energy. No matter how tired or frustrated you are, being a dad can wear you down. Replace that with a Loving Dad, and while you are still the same tired body, there is a different gear that you will find when you have that love. Our job as a parent is to help our kids become the best version of themselves. If you can ask yourself with every decision, "Is this helping my kid become the best version of himself?" and know you are making the right decision, you will be far ahead of most dads out there. Speaking of Most Dads...

Don't be too hard on yourself.
Being a Dad is hard, and you won't know for a long time if you are doing it right. You have a great role model, so when in doubt don't be afraid to pick up the phone and ask WWJ (Q)D, What would John Quinley do? He will be there waiting for the call. If you need to call the "Be" team, Ill be here for you as well.

Best of Luck from your team at Be Wealth, We know you are going to be a great Dad. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses and try not to smell the diapers.

PS. Don't forget to start that Education Account.. Its never too early..




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