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| April 03, 2020

March is finally over.

While it seems like a long time away, think for a moment, how long do you think it will take us to get back to those all-time highs we so fondly remember in February. Will we be back to those numbers in six months? In 1 year? In 3 years? 5? No one knows, but here are the numbers.

If you think we will have this behind us in 1 year, we need to average a 31% rate of return over the next 12 months to reach all-time highs.

If you think it is going to take longer, here is what we have to average on an annual basis to get back to our February Numbers.

2 Years-14.5% Average
3 Years- 9.43% Average
5 Years -5.5% Average
10 Years- 2.74% Average

Given American ingenuity and science, I have full confidence we can get through this, and with those numbers even if it takes three years to do so, it would mean the market averaged 9.43% annually to get there.

I'm still betting on the world to solve this, and the extra family time in the evenings make it better while we are waiting.

Be Safe,

Brandon and Kevin



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