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How do I Buy Time?

| July 02, 2020

Does anyone know a website where you can buy more time? I have looked on Amazon, stopped by Wal-Mart and Target, and even shopped local, and from what I can tell, there isn't anywhere I can buy more time. My boys are 7 and 10, and I worry they have missed a summer of fun, I worry about the high school seniors facing a challenging year of doing the sports and activities they love. I worry about the College Freshman who won't get to experience that full college experience. I worry about parents who miss a year of watching their kids grow up or the once in a lifetime trips lost this summer. I worry about the greatest generation that lost a chance to tell their story and watch others live theirs.

What if a store existed, online or real, where you could buy time? Would you? How much is it worth? Specific to now, would you buy back the last six months, and how much would you pay to be able to do it all over again?

We know that the store doesn't exist, but if the goal is to have more time doing the things we enjoy and spending more time with those we want to spend our time with, why not take the next few months to build your life so you can.

Be Healthy-Want to extend time? Commit to getting healthy. Eat a little bit better, walk a little bit more; try to take on less stress. The better health you are in today means better health as to live longer and live better. How much time can you buy? In a Harvard Study its years.

Be Prepared-How much time do you stress about retirement, your estate plan, your cash flow, your spending? Commit to taking a few hours in the next few months to knock something off your list and complete it. Email us now what you want to get done, and we can help make sure it gets done.

Be Present-Are there things you are doing you don't enjoy? Jobs you do, something you can clean out? Meetings you attend? Websites you go to, people you follow on social media?

Be Driven-Have a goal? By writing it down and committing to action, we believe you are far more likely to achieve it sooner.

Find a way to buy yourself time by taking things away or adding value to your life. It could be the best investment you make. Trade a small amount of time now to give yourself more time later. It's worth it.